About Us

We wouldn’t be here without you.

Our company was built on the belief that we should make snacking fun! As the global trend for Mukbang channels rose, we saw the need of conveniently placing far-reaching snacks into one box, one place, available on the internet.

A provider of various snack bundles with different ethnic items, Munchie Boxes’ California based-team carefully packs your items together and ensures it gets delivered quickly. We upgrade all orders complementary to Priority Shipping, meaning you’ll get it in 2-3 days in the continental US. 

As a global brand, our desire is to introduce fresh and tasty snacks to the palette. We hand pick our selections, so you can be sure we provide the best on-demand products for you. We're experts in satisfying, well, your munchies. 

Established early on in 2020, we saw that sometimes the simplest things are best enjoyed when shared. Whether you have roommates, loved ones, or simply looking to treat yourself, you can count on Munchie Box! Munchie box was happily created for everyone of all ages! 

Slide over to our product page and check out the various options you can choose from (updated monthly!) Available for single purchases and subscription plans.