Munchie Box

Corn Nuts Variety Flavors Pack - 4 oz

Corn Nuts Variety Flavors Pack - 4 oz

Munchie Box Corn Nuts Variety Box

The best Corn Nuts flavors, packaged into one delivery.

Why these Corn Nut flavors?

America doesn’t hide the fact that we all love corn snacks - bbq, ranch, Chile Picante, original, and jalapeño cheddar. Nacho Cheese is the least favored flavor. They come with chip clips and two bags of each flavor, so please, be kind and share :)

  • Corrugated thick box to ensure the best delivery
  • Fresh ingredients and high-quality manufacturing in the USA.
  • Order from Munchie Box, a Corn Nuts distributor.
  • Best tasting, best quality, best variation of toasted corn nuts.

Happiness delivered in a box.


  • Generous Assortment + Bonus Item - 2 of each (4oz bag): BBQ, Ranch, Chile Picante, Original and Jalapeno Cheddar. Includes 3 chip sealers, manufactured by our very own team, so you don’t have to look any further to save it for next time. You’ll thank us later.
  • 5 Flavors Variety Snack Packs - Big enough to try yourself and share with loved ones without buying a ton of one flavor. An excellent way to try all available corn nuts flavors.
  • Recall Familiar Taste - As an American favorite snack, relive that “childhood memory” that you might remember. It might’ve tasted great, but will now taste even greater! We just love corn snacks!
  • Premium Packaging - Each Munchie Box is hand-packed by our dedicated team. To ensure the quality and freshness of its arrival, we provide premium packaging - a thick box and safely heat-sealed - ready for you. We stand behind every gift box, strive for your complete satisfaction!
  • Ideal Care Package - to gift friends, family, girlfriends, boyfriends, road trips, vacations, workmates, housewarming gifts, parties, and even yourself! Enjoy and share your care with those you care about!